• pregnancy clinic
    Pregnancy Center

    Pregnancy Clinic-A nutrition overview for a pregnant woman

    At the pregnancy clinic, you will be subject to various programs and talks as regards your pregnancy.  One of the main topics will be how you maintain your good health and eating a healthy wholesome yet proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs, both to give you the necessary key vitamins that are needed for the growth of the baby. It is best that you get your vitamins and minerals naturally from the food you take rather than using supplements.  Too much vitamin supplements can be harmful to your baby, so try and take the necessary vitamins in plenty of greens and vegetables and other foods…

  • pregnancy resource center
    Pregnancy Center

    Pregnancy Resource Center- Have you ever known about this place?

    Once you are pregnant you must take care of yourself. Both you and your baby must be both healthy and you must get regular prenatal care. Prenatal care is when you have to get yourself tested like screening or diagnostic tests that will help identify health-related problems that could affect pregnant women or their unborn baby. Prenatal tests are important because they can determine important things like the mothers’ health which can affect the baby.  All this could be done at the pregnancy resource center.  These tests are good to find out her blood type or whether she has gestational diabetes anemia or other health-related conditions,  the mother’s immunity to…

  • pregnancy center
    Pregnancy Center

    What is a pregnancy centre?-All you need to know!

    As we all know; visiting a pregnancy center is pretty much helpful for a woman in many ways. We at the pregnancy clinic understand how pregnancy can be very traumatic and become a big crisis when the pregnancy is out of wedlock or a come from a broken relationship and or family, or family tensions, poor timing, assault, and financial difficulty. Hence the pregnancy clinics offer their services for counsel on emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of pregnancy and information helping out in available options.  An unplanned for or crisis pregnancy does not necessitate in the making of uninformed or impulsive decisions. What can you get from a pregnancy center?…