• Exercising While Pregnant
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    Exercising While Pregnant

    There are a lot of myths about pregnancy and exercising while being pregnant. It has long been believed that it was too risky to work out while pregnant because the baby would suffer damage and have birth defects. This is not true. As long as the mother is cautious and knows when and how to limit her activity, exercising and staying fit during pregnancy are beneficial for both her and the baby. Exercising can help with backaches, bloating constipation; can improve mood and relieve stress and will lower your changes of developing gestational diabetes. The amount of exercise that a woman should do during pregnancy depends largely on whether or…

  • Early Symptoms of pregnancy
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    Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

    Due to hormonal changes, early symptoms of pregnancy occur soon after being pregnant and sometimes can last until the new-born baby comes into the world. According to different body conditions and genetic reason, some women may experience the symptoms earlier, while others feel them rather late. However, because great changed indeed happen inside, symptoms of this kind or that are inevitable. 01. So-called missed period One of commonest early symptoms of pregnancy is the so-called missed period. The confusion sets in because you could miss a period due to many other reasons and causes of delayed cycle which must be taken into consideration, such as illness, reactions to foods or…