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Crucial facts about free pregnancy clinic that will blow your mind!

There are many free pregnancy clinics set up all over the world. You can find one at your nearest home. Free pregnancy clinics exist for women and teenagers who have unexpected pregnancies. These clinics are all free of charge and offer several services to women and men. A free pregnancy Clinic is a non- profit, non-judgmental organization. They are committed to providing you with compassion hope and above all help that you so desperately need in your situation when you are scared and have no other place to go to. 

free pregnancy clinic

Now, if you hope to give up your baby for adoption, the pregnancy clinic will provide assistance on how to create s positive situation for you and your baby. They will give you the options. 

It is up to you to choose!

How to deal with a free pregnancy clinic?

First of all, you must be sure that you are pregnant. For that, the pregnancy clinic will test you with a free Pregnancy test in order to make sure whether the pregnancy is viable or not. After that, you can discuss with your health care provider on what you should do.

You may feel lost and alone in the world, but the free pregnancy clinic is there to help.  The clinic will help answer any questions you may have.

A few of the burning questions you need to be answered:

Can I suspect that I am pregnant even though I get a negative result?

For a positive yes!

Then you have to do a hormone test as there needs to be a certain concentration of hormone present in order to register that it is a positive result.

How can I be sure of the result?

The free pregnancy clinic will do a urine test which will be 97% accurate. This will confirm whether you have been conceived or not.

Should I give up my baby for adoption or be a single parent??

That is totally up to you!

If you are not in a stable or financial position to bring up the baby you can consider for adoption. The pregnancy clinic will go through with you several options on being a single mother, parenting, etc. You can marry the baby’s father.

free pregnancy clinic 

Or if that is not possible then you will have to make plans to give for adoption.

How far in my pregnancy have I got to come to the pregnancy clinic?

These clinics are open and welcome throughout your pregnancy period.

Can a free pregnancy clinic help you out if you happen to decide to keep the baby?


The Pregnancy Clinic will help you out in the many Mothers’ programs they have in their clinic. You have to enroll to be able to receive the help that is given from these clinics.

Will I get material assistance if I have already had the baby? Will these clinics helpful in such a situation?

The answer to this question depends on your country!

Yes, there will be some form of help. But, keep in your mind thoroughly that you have to visit the pregnancy clinic with your baby and baby’s birth certificate in order to enroll and receive such benefits.


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