pregnancy clinic
Pregnancy Center

All you need to know about pregnancy clinic before visiting there!

Help, hope, Compassion awaits you at the Pregnancy Care Center.  This is a Center for those women who are broken and lost.  The Pregnancy Clinic will reach out to you in your time of need.

pregnancy clinic

The following services of pregnancy care clinic:

Pregnancy options

If you had not planned for this Pregnancy or it is an unexpected one, then there are three options you could choose from after careful consideration and counseling from a pregnancy care center. One important point that we would like to highlight here is that the ultimate choice is yours. 

You can select one of the 3 options given below.

  1. Parenting
  2. Adoption
  3. Abortion

Parenting can be very daunting and scary but at the same time truly rewarding if you take our lessons on parenting.

Adoption is a last resort if you do not have the means job or you are a single parent.

Abortion has to be thought of very carefully. Do you really want this to be done? It concerns surgery and it has ups and downs as later having feelings of anger and remorse. 

Think carefully and you are the judge when making an important decision.

You can rest assured that strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout your pregnancy.

So, go for these as they offer almost everything for free of charge. These clinics give accurate information and the support you so long for and deserve. Moreover; they are not judgmental. We are here to listen to your woes and concerns.

Other tests which are done by the Pregnancy Clinic:

STD testing

The Pregnancy Care Centre offers STD testing for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. If you are coming to take a pregnancy test, this test is available as well.

Mentoring and Caring 

Professionals at the pregnancy care clinic along with our professional health workers and professionals are trained to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Furthermore; these clinics will provide you with respect and truthfulness and hope.  Every person will feel informed and stronger for having been here.

pregnancy clinic

Case management 

In addition to your unplanned pregnancy, you might experience homelessness, anxiety, unsafe living conditions, sexual assault, unemployment, need for education, substance abuse, mental health issues, legal issues, and basic needs. The Pregnancy Clinic will give you professional help for you to access and create a different future for you and your family.

Educational Classes

These centers will offer you with educational classes. The health professionals at these centers are well-equipped with years of experience to help you out. Parental care, childbirth, breastfeeding, newborn baby care, a happy Relationship and spiritual well being for your health and happiness.

You can learn a lot from their weekly-basis or monthly-basis classes.

The pregnancy clinic will provide you with the following lessons.  Be sure to attend them on your Clinic days.

Lessons are available in three categories.

1st Category

  • Parenting, 
  • Having meals for two
  • Going it alone,
  • Your developing baby
  • What is safe and what is not
  • Bonding with your Baby

2nd Category

  • Your baby’s world
  • Reducing the risk of SIDS Infant temperament
  • Infant massage
  • Newborn care
  • Crying Colic and Sleeping 

pregnancy clinic

3rd Category

  • Your baby’s development
  • Preventing child sexual abuse
  • The first years last forever
  • Parent-child relationship
  • Learning to talk
  • Breastfeeding
  • Car seat safety
  • Your baby can’t sleep
  • Quality child care
  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Postpartum
  • Toilet training
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Emergency
  • First Aid
  • Discipline- Teaching limits with love
  • Growth

All these and more will be given at the pregnancy care center if you decide on parenting your baby.

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