pregnancy clinic
Pregnancy Center

Pregnancy Clinic-Everything you need to know!

A pregnancy clinic is a place that you can visit if you have had an unwanted pregnancy and feel that you need to talk to someone.  If you have the following signs and symptoms then a visit to the pregnancy clinic is a must.

Pregnancy Clinic

Before going to the pregnancy clinic…

First of all, track whether you have a few or all the symptoms from the following bunch of symptoms.

  • Missing a period
  • Nausea
  • Tenderness in breasts
  • Frequency in urination
  • Feeling unusually tired
  • Moody Blues

If it is an unplanned pregnancy and you are scared and do not know what to do.  In such a situation, the pregnancy clinic will help and guide and counsel you. Most of the times; you will feel overwhelmed and scared. But, the health professionals will ease your mind and give you several practical options to think about and make a decision of your choice. So, you may want to visit the pregnancy clinic. Not everyone experiences these signs. That is why; it is wiser to consult a qualified health professional, Gynecologist or a physician at the pregnancy clinic.  

pregnancy center

Key services of the pregnancy center

All the following services are provided free of charge.

  • Abortion information
  • Ultrasound Pregnancy Test
  • Counseling
  • parenting classes preparing you for adoption

The pregnancy clinic will help you decide on available options. They will help answer your fears of an unwanted pregnancy. These health officials will help you out to make up your mind whether you want to adopt, abort or be a parent. If you are planning to give for adoption, this has to be very carefully thought off. Some of the options you can choose for adoption is you can choose whom your baby go to. You chose the agency or orphanage. Furthermore; you can choose whether you want to have an open or closed adoption.    

In an unexpected pregnancy, there are some women who still want to bring up the baby after birth. It is an overwhelming thought but the Pregnancy Resource Center is there to help you out.

You can make an appointment with the pregnancy clinic and find out whether you are pregnant, how far the pregnancy has developed etc. The Pregnancy Clinic will schedule your appointment for an accurate pregnancy test and ultrasound scan to confirm how far you are in your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Resource Center

The Pregnancy Resource Center is free.  These services are offered in a comfortable as well as a confidential environment by professional health workers who have been specialized in pregnancy and other pregnancy-related matters. It is a place where health workers counsel pregnant women against having an abortion. These Resource Centers provide counseling against abortion, pregnancy, and childbirth. They also offer pregnancy tests and sonograms and test for other transmitted infections and parenting classes.

Pregnancy Clinic

The general services which are offered by Pregnancy Resource Center are the pregnancy test, ultrasound examination, counseling, STI/STD information, etc.  If it is your first time the Pregnancy Resource Center will first have a talk with you with a trained health professional.

For those who have had a miscarriage or abortion. There are special sessions of counseling on support education and encouragement grief and anger.

If you are thinking of adopting a child the Pregnancy Resource Center will give you all options and avenues of choice for you to make the best choice or decision for yourself and your child.  There is help for those who feel overwhelmed and scared. At the Pregnancy Resource Center, professional health workers will put your mind at ease and rest.

If you feel that you are pregnant go visit the Pregnancy Resource Center.  This is a place where you will get free and confidential services in a caring atmosphere by health staff that specializes in pregnancy and other health-related issues.

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