pregnancy center
Pregnancy Center

What is a pregnancy centre?-All you need to know!

As we all know; visiting a pregnancy center is pretty much helpful for a woman in many ways. We at the pregnancy clinic understand how pregnancy can be very traumatic and become a big crisis when the pregnancy is out of wedlock or a come from a broken relationship and or family, or family tensions, poor timing, assault, and financial difficulty. Hence the pregnancy clinics offer their services for counsel on emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of pregnancy and information helping out in available options.  An unplanned for or crisis pregnancy does not necessitate in the making of uninformed or impulsive decisions.

What can you get from a pregnancy center?

You can get a free pregnancy test at any pregnancy clinic or a center. Typically; the majority of the pregnancy tests are easy and accurate to rely upon. You just pee on the pregnancy stick and get your results.  There is nothing to worry as you can buy these at any pharmacy.

Pregnancy tests are simple and just as accurate as taking a pregnancy urine test.

If you think you have missed a period you can always take a pregnancy test. The earlier you know about it the sooner you can think of what you hope to do in the future.  Once you know whether it is positive you can visit your Care clinic and discuss with a health officer your options. The pregnancy center or the clinic will help get the care you need.  Most doctors recommend that you wait until the first day of your missed period before doing a urine test.  This is usually after two weeks after conception. Ultrasound scanning is a bit expensive if done in a private clinic but you can visit your government hospital where it will be done free of charge.

These clinics accept all individuals as unique individuals with unique situations. Generally; free pregnancy tests are available for these women. The most important point that we would like to emphasize here is that these clinics offer accurate information rather than based on fear or pressure. So, you can make a choice based on knowledge rather than hearsay.

Additional services offered by pregnancy centers

In addition; these clinics are there to help you locate needed medical or legal or social service agencies. Moreover; they offer support for women who need to discuss their feelings of any past abortions etc.

You have to be careful about your diet and other supplements!

 Having healthy meals for two is a must.  Be sure to take plenty of greens and fruits and lean meat. Avoid using any kind of herbal products. Do not use even mild supplements for easing of pregnancy symptoms or as supplements.  Keep in your mind firmly that taking of or using any herbal products has the potential of leading to premature birth and or other pregnancy-related symptoms.

For example; taking of raspberry leaves for inducing and shortening of labor will lead to complications like cesarean delivery. It is not a proven fact that herbal products are bad during pregnancy, but it is best to stay away from them when you are pregnant.

It is always best to get advice from your doctor if you think to use herbal supplements one way or the other.


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